Saturday, March 6, 2010


It's no secret that I love this guy so much. How can I not?

That stare. That's enough to make me melt! Look into his eyes and tell me you don't fucking melt at his stare! Then the hair. Oh god, how I would just love to run my fingers through his hair! It's perpetually messy and perpetually smokin'!

The outfits. This is the latest look on his LookBook and it's mean as! I always respect guys who could wear white skinnies and still be oozing with that raw sex appeal. And the suspenders? The blazer? The pin? The fedora? That boyish smile? Oooh la la. . . I could go on and on but I'll stop here. This guy deserves his own full length feature and I will get to that really soon!

So. . . Who is this guy, might you ask? Well folks, this awesome dude is none other than Bobby Raffin! Remember that name, y'all! It's gonna be a household name soon!

I opened my Facebook today and look what I found. . .

Some webcam pictures of Bobby! I haven't talked to him in ages and I swear, I miss him so much! Notice the background? He painted that himself! I now what you're thinking. . . "Can this guy be more adorable?" and the answer is a big YES! You'll be surprised at this guy's many talents ;) What are they, might you ask? Well, you'll find out soon enough!

And yes, that's a heart. And yes, that heart belongs to me!

What are you waiting for? You should go to his LookBook right now and hype his looks! You know you want to!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Formspring questioooons :)

magkano ka?

More than you can afford, babe! *rolls eyes*

You know, you're not alone right? :)

I know that now. Thank you super! I've been feeling really crappy in ages and you're one of the few people I'm opening up to. It's a cliche but, you're really always there for me! *huuuug* :)

I love you! :*

I love you more :*

hi ate! tanong ko lang po, anong course niyo?

Still deciding whether to take Fashion or Creative Writing :)

Take my hand, we'll make it I swear <3

Monday, March 1, 2010


When things go bad, I tend to escape. I immerse myself in my own little make believe world and just write. I’ve always said that I write better when I’m sad/depressed and I guess that’s really true. My stories have mostly been escapist and honestly I don’t care. It’s what keeps me sane. It’s what keeps me from giving up. It’s what gives me hope.

It’s nice to play “God” in your own little world. It’s nice to create a world where you connect with people, even if they’re just characters you made up. It’s nice to weave these imaginary people’s lives. It’s nice to create some drama and problems and yet somehow know how things will work out.

I guess that’s why I like writing. I like being in control. I like knowing that things will get better and that everything will be fine. I like putting my characters in situations that I know would never happen to me. Funny how I benefit so much from my writing. As cynical and depressed as I may sound, I guess deep in my heart I still believe.

And that is why I love writing so much.